Module artichoke::prelude

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A “prelude” for users of the artichoke crate.

This prelude is similar to the standard library’s prelude in that you’ll almost always want to import its entire contents, but unlike the standard library’s prelude, you’ll have to do so manually:

use artichoke::prelude::*;

The prelude may grow over time as additional items see ubiquitous use.


Error types for Ruby exceptions and unwinding support.


Ruby ArgumentError error type.
Interpreter instance.
Ruby EOFError error type.
Ruby EncodingError error type.
The Error type, a wrapper around a dynamic exception type.
Ruby Exception error type.
Ruby fatal error type.
Ruby FiberError error type.
Ruby FloatDomainError error type.
Ruby FrozenError error type.
Interpreter guard that prepares an Artichoke to re-enter an FFI boundary.
Ruby IOError error type.
Ruby IndexError error type.
Ruby Interrupt error type.
Ruby KeyError error type.
Ruby LoadError error type.
Ruby LocalJumpError error type.
Ruby NameError error type.
Ruby NoMemoryError error type.
Ruby NoMethodError error type.
Ruby NotImplementedError error type.
Ruby RangeError error type.
Ruby RegexpError error type.
Information about an Artichoke build.
Ruby RuntimeError error type.
Ruby ScriptError error type.
Ruby SecurityError error type.
Ruby SignalException error type.
Ruby StandardError error type.
Ruby StopIteration error type.
Ruby SyntaxError error type.
Ruby SystemCallError error type.
Ruby SystemExit error type.
Ruby SystemStackError error type.
Ruby ThreadError error type.
Ruby TypeError error type.
Ruby UncaughtThrowError error type.
Ruby ZeroDivisionError error type.


Errors encountered when incrementing line numbers on parser state.
Classes of Ruby types.
Classes of Rust types.


Define and store class specs on an interpreter.
Coerce Ruby values to native numerics (floats and integers).
Infallible conversion between two types.
Mutable infallible conversion between two types.
Debugging and Exception message support.
Define constants on an interpreter.
Execute code and retrieve its result.
Rust extension hook that can be required.
Get and set global variables on an interpreter.
A trait for retrieving an interpreter-global BuildHasher.
Store and retrieve byte strings that have the same lifetime as the interpreter.
Perform I/O external to the interpreter.
Load Ruby sources and Rust extensions into an interpreter.
Define and store module specs on an interpreter.
Garbage collection primitives for an mruby interpreter.
Manage parser state, active filename context, and line number metadata.
Interpreter global pseudorandom number generator (PRNG).
Track the state of Regexp special global variables and global interpreter state.
Polymorphic exception type that corresponds to Ruby’s Exception.
Return a Value-wrapped reference to top self.
Fallible conversions between two types.
Mutable fallible conversions between two types.
A boxed Ruby value owned by the interpreter.
Emit warnings during interpreter execution to stderr.