pub trait CoerceToNumeric {
    type Value: Value;
    type Float;
    type Error;

    fn coerce_to_float(
        &mut self,
        value: Self::Value
    ) -> Result<Self::Float, Self::Error>; }
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Coerce Ruby values to native numerics (floats and integers).

Required Associated Types§

Concrete type of boxed Ruby value as inputs to coerce functions.

Concrete float type to coerce values into, e.g. f64.

Concrete error type for errors encountered when coercing values.

Required Methods§

Coerce the given Ruby value to a Float.

This coercion mechanism is used by Ruby to handle mixed-type numeric operations: it is intended to find a compatible common type between the two operands of the operator.

See Numeric#coerce.


If a Ruby nil is given, an error is returned.

If the given value does not subclass Numeric, an error is returned.

If the Numeric class is not defined, an error is returned.

If the underlying interpreter returns an error when calling #to_f or Numeric#coerce, the error is returned.