Function spinoso_random::urandom

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pub fn urandom(dest: &mut [u8]) -> Result<(), UrandomError>
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Read random bytes, using platform-provided randomness.

dest is completely filled with bytes that are expected to be a cryptographically secure pseudo-random number in binary form.

In 2017, Linux manpage random(7) writes that “no cryptographic primitive available today can hope to promise more than 256 bits of security”. So it might be questionable to pass a slice where dest.len() > 32 to this method.


use spinoso_random::Error;

let mut bytes = [0_u8; 32];
spinoso_random::urandom(&mut bytes)?;
assert!(!bytes.iter().all(|&b| b == 0));


If the randomness feature provided by the platform is not present or failed to completely fill dest, an error is returned. This error should be raised as a Ruby RuntimeError.