Struct artichoke_backend::sys::mrb_state[][src]

#[repr(C)]pub struct mrb_state {
    pub jmp: *mut mrb_jmpbuf,
    pub allocf: mrb_allocf,
    pub allocf_ud: *mut c_void,
    pub c: *mut mrb_context,
    pub root_c: *mut mrb_context,
    pub globals: *mut iv_tbl,
    pub exc: *mut RObject,
    pub top_self: *mut RObject,
    pub object_class: *mut RClass,
    pub class_class: *mut RClass,
    pub module_class: *mut RClass,
    pub proc_class: *mut RClass,
    pub string_class: *mut RClass,
    pub array_class: *mut RClass,
    pub hash_class: *mut RClass,
    pub range_class: *mut RClass,
    pub float_class: *mut RClass,
    pub fixnum_class: *mut RClass,
    pub true_class: *mut RClass,
    pub false_class: *mut RClass,
    pub nil_class: *mut RClass,
    pub symbol_class: *mut RClass,
    pub kernel_module: *mut RClass,
    pub gc: mrb_gc,
    pub symidx: mrb_sym,
    pub symtbl: *mut symbol_name,
    pub symhash: [mrb_sym; 256],
    pub symcapa: usize,
    pub symbuf: [c_char; 8],
    pub eException_class: *mut RClass,
    pub eStandardError_class: *mut RClass,
    pub nomem_err: *mut RObject,
    pub stack_err: *mut RObject,
    pub ud: *mut c_void,
    pub atexit_stack: *mut mrb_atexit_func,
    pub atexit_stack_len: u16,
    pub ecall_nest: u16,


jmp: *mut mrb_jmpbufallocf: mrb_allocfallocf_ud: *mut c_voidc: *mut mrb_contextroot_c: *mut mrb_contextglobals: *mut iv_tblexc: *mut RObjecttop_self: *mut RObjectobject_class: *mut RClassclass_class: *mut RClassmodule_class: *mut RClassproc_class: *mut RClassstring_class: *mut RClassarray_class: *mut RClasshash_class: *mut RClassrange_class: *mut RClassfloat_class: *mut RClassfixnum_class: *mut RClasstrue_class: *mut RClassfalse_class: *mut RClassnil_class: *mut RClasssymbol_class: *mut RClasskernel_module: *mut RClassgc: mrb_gcsymidx: mrb_symsymtbl: *mut symbol_namesymhash: [mrb_sym; 256]symcapa: usizesymbuf: [c_char; 8]eException_class: *mut RClasseStandardError_class: *mut RClassnomem_err: *mut RObjectstack_err: *mut RObjectud: *mut c_voidatexit_stack: *mut mrb_atexit_funcatexit_stack_len: u16ecall_nest: u16

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for mrb_state[src]

impl Copy for mrb_state[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for mrb_state

impl !Send for mrb_state

impl !Sync for mrb_state

impl Unpin for mrb_state

impl UnwindSafe for mrb_state

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