Trait artichoke_core::hash::Hash

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pub trait Hash {
    type Error;
    type GlobalBuildHasher: BuildHasher;

    // Required method
    fn global_build_hasher(
        &mut self,
    ) -> Result<&Self::GlobalBuildHasher, Self::Error>;
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A trait for retrieving an interpreter-global BuildHasher.

The BuildHasher associated with the interpreter is for creating instances of Hasher. A BuildHasher is typically used (e.g., by HashMap) to create Hashers for each key such that they are hashed independently of one another, since Hashers contain state.

By associating one BuildHasher with the interpreter, identical Ruby objects should hash identically, even if the interpreter’s BuildHasher includes randomness.

Required Associated Types§


type Error

Concrete error type for errors encountered when retrieving the interpreter’s global BuildHasher.


type GlobalBuildHasher: BuildHasher

Concrete BuildHasher type which is global to the interpreter.

Required Methods§


fn global_build_hasher( &mut self, ) -> Result<&Self::GlobalBuildHasher, Self::Error>

Retrieve the interpreter’s global BuildHasher.


If the BuildHasher is inaccessible, an error is returned.