[][src]Trait termcolor::WriteColor

pub trait WriteColor: Write {
    fn supports_color(&self) -> bool;
fn set_color(&mut self, spec: &ColorSpec) -> Result<()>;
fn reset(&mut self) -> Result<()>; fn is_synchronous(&self) -> bool { ... } }

This trait describes the behavior of writers that support colored output.

Required methods

fn supports_color(&self) -> bool[src]

Returns true if and only if the underlying writer supports colors.

fn set_color(&mut self, spec: &ColorSpec) -> Result<()>[src]

Set the color settings of the writer.

Subsequent writes to this writer will use these settings until either reset is called or new color settings are set.

If there was a problem setting the color settings, then an error is returned.

fn reset(&mut self) -> Result<()>[src]

Reset the current color settings to their original settings.

If there was a problem resetting the color settings, then an error is returned.

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Provided methods

fn is_synchronous(&self) -> bool[src]

Returns true if and only if the underlying writer must synchronously interact with an end user's device in order to control colors. By default, this always returns false.

In practice, this should return true if the underlying writer is manipulating colors using the Windows console APIs.

This is useful for writing generic code (such as a buffered writer) that can perform certain optimizations when the underlying writer doesn't rely on synchronous APIs. For example, ANSI escape sequences can be passed through to the end user's device as is.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<'a, T: ?Sized + WriteColor> WriteColor for &'a mut T[src]

impl<T: ?Sized + WriteColor> WriteColor for Box<T>[src]

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impl WriteColor for Buffer[src]

impl WriteColor for BufferedStandardStream[src]

impl WriteColor for StandardStream[src]

impl<'a> WriteColor for StandardStreamLock<'a>[src]

impl<W: Write> WriteColor for Ansi<W>[src]

impl<W: Write> WriteColor for NoColor<W>[src]

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