pub struct mrb_parser_state {
Show 43 fields pub mrb: *mut mrb_state, pub pool: *mut mrb_pool, pub cells: *mut mrb_ast_node, pub s: *const c_char, pub send: *const c_char, pub cxt: *mut mrbc_context, pub filename_sym: mrb_sym, pub lineno: u16, pub column: c_int, pub lstate: mrb_lex_state_enum, pub lex_strterm: *mut mrb_ast_node, pub cond_stack: c_uint, pub cmdarg_stack: c_uint, pub paren_nest: c_int, pub lpar_beg: c_int, pub in_def: c_int, pub in_single: c_int, pub _bitfield_align_1: [u8; 0], pub _bitfield_1: __BindgenBitfieldUnit<[u8; 1]>, pub locals: *mut mrb_ast_node, pub pb: *mut mrb_ast_node, pub tokbuf: *mut c_char, pub buf: [c_char; 256], pub tidx: c_int, pub tsiz: c_int, pub all_heredocs: *mut mrb_ast_node, pub heredocs_from_nextline: *mut mrb_ast_node, pub parsing_heredoc: *mut mrb_ast_node, pub lex_strterm_before_heredoc: *mut mrb_ast_node, pub ylval: *mut c_void, pub nerr: usize, pub nwarn: usize, pub tree: *mut mrb_ast_node, pub _bitfield_align_2: [u8; 0], pub _bitfield_2: __BindgenBitfieldUnit<[u8; 1]>, pub upper: *const RProc, pub error_buffer: [mrb_parser_message; 10], pub warn_buffer: [mrb_parser_message; 10], pub filename_table: *mut mrb_sym, pub filename_table_length: u16, pub current_filename_index: u16, pub jmp: *mut mrb_jmpbuf, pub nvars: *mut mrb_ast_node,


mrb: *mut mrb_statepool: *mut mrb_poolcells: *mut mrb_ast_nodes: *const c_charsend: *const c_charcxt: *mut mrbc_contextfilename_sym: mrb_symlineno: u16column: c_intlstate: mrb_lex_state_enumlex_strterm: *mut mrb_ast_nodecond_stack: c_uintcmdarg_stack: c_uintparen_nest: c_intlpar_beg: c_intin_def: c_intin_single: c_int_bitfield_align_1: [u8; 0]_bitfield_1: __BindgenBitfieldUnit<[u8; 1]>locals: *mut mrb_ast_nodepb: *mut mrb_ast_nodetokbuf: *mut c_charbuf: [c_char; 256]tidx: c_inttsiz: c_intall_heredocs: *mut mrb_ast_nodeheredocs_from_nextline: *mut mrb_ast_nodeparsing_heredoc: *mut mrb_ast_nodelex_strterm_before_heredoc: *mut mrb_ast_nodeylval: *mut c_voidnerr: usizenwarn: usizetree: *mut mrb_ast_node_bitfield_align_2: [u8; 0]_bitfield_2: __BindgenBitfieldUnit<[u8; 1]>upper: *const RProcerror_buffer: [mrb_parser_message; 10]warn_buffer: [mrb_parser_message; 10]filename_table: *mut mrb_symfilename_table_length: u16current_filename_index: u16jmp: *mut mrb_jmpbufnvars: *mut mrb_ast_node


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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

Performs the conversion.